Dad Chats

5 - Jim Arias

Episode Summary

Father of Jacob, Meena, Isabella, Giselle, and Noelle. Dad Chats gets low key vibes this week with talks about "the birds and the bees," periods, and 1970s proto-punk.

Episode Notes

As a father of five and a DHS employee with decades of experience, Jim Arias has oceans of experience that we dive deep, deep into!

We get into a smooth groove with our Dad Song of the Day (1:30). Then we dive into the deep end with discussions on having a 22 year old and 6 week old under the same roof (2:20), dealing with "but I want it" (6:45), "unconditional love" vs. "unconditional like" (11:05), parenting with divorce (16:11), and words of wisdom for students whose parents are going through divorce (18:17).

In the second half of our show, we get into our weekly segments with Ask a Dad, where we answer student-submitted questions rapid-fire (24:55), including "how to talk with your kids about sex" (27:41) and "how do you handle the gross stuff?" (29:25); Dad Recommendations, where we recommend Dad Things to Do with your kids (31:07); and Dad Gifts, where we recommend gifts to buy a dad (father's day is right around the corner!) (32:57).

If you have any questions for Ask a Dad, or would like your own dad to be a guest on the show, please email us at